Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to Reality

Well , I am sorry , I have not posted much for the past week or so .. I have been busy with trying to organize my house and my kids for back to school. Last week I went to Moonlight Madness at Zellers .. it was pretty fun .. Lots of great deals , there were 2 for 1 boys jeans @ 14.98 each which works out to about 7.50 a pair for jeans ! So I bought my 8 year old some new jeans and a couple new shirts for school. He also got 3 pairs of shoes , yes he needs 3 pairs ! One for regular school shoes, one for indoor shoes because they don't let them wear their regular shoes indoors and one pair of running shoes for track and gym of course. The shoes were buy one get the second for 50% off - so he gets three and I get a pair of course. I bought the super cute patent leather open toe slingbacks. Hard to explain but they are very cute in real life. He also got a new backpack , a new lunchbag, and he will be getting a haircut this weekend. The little one didnt get to much , he got new pair of pants and new pair of shoes. (he is only 2 , so he doesnt need back to school clothes) Can you believe at midnight madness at Zellers I didnt really buy anything for myself - just the shoes. I did find one really pair of cute plus size jeans buy Gloria Vanderbilt, I thought they were on sale for $5 but when I got to the counter they were 29.00 and I didnt really need new jeans anyways so I said forget it! The rest of the stuff at moonlight madness was just snack food type stuff , juices, cereals, granola bars etc. The prices were amazing though.
Then on Wednesday I went shopping at Additionelle Plus Size store here in Coquitlam B.C . I had a $50 coupon because I spend over 75 dollars last time when they had the style credit promotion going on. Let me tell you what I got with my coupon . I got , a pair of black plus size leggings (of course because I am addicted to leggings), a long black top with sort of a modern zebra print in silver and grey on it, a light blue v neck long sleeve sweater with a really deep neckline (gotta wear a tank under it) , a super cute babydoll type cotton sweater in royal blue, a black v neck short sleeve sweater, and 3 pairs of socks , oh , and I also got this super adorable plus size belt - the big thick ones that look really great and fashionable. Its this sort of bronze metallic color. I should take a picture and post it because its so nice and I got it for like $2 after the 70% off - oh yea , I forgot to mention that they were having some sort of end of the season sale where all the plus size clothes were %70 off !!! Yes it was awesome , it came to just over $100 , THEN I USED MY COUPON ! AND IT WAS ONLY $56 DOLLARS !!! WHOO HOOO .. That is so rewarding .. to go to all that shopping , get bags of super cute clothes and only spend $56 .. It was so great. Well , that is what I have been up to for the past week. Oh , and working too of course. I know that I have not posted much on plus size fashion , I guess I have been in a weird mood for the past 2 weeks. But all that shopping , totally put me back in the spirit of plus size fashion. I will post more fashion soon. I just needed to get back into the swing of things.


  1. I wish there were sales like that in Los Angeles. I can't wait to read more.

  2. ya, I guess shopping in LA is pricey .. well , you must have some amazing thrift stores though

  3. I'm still stuck on the 3 pairs of shoes . . . . . but I missed all the sales you got some real good ones though.