Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sexy Plus Size Bras

If you are like me , you are probably always looking for the perfect plus size bra. It is hard to find. I found a really great one once , it was from the Avenue , I swear to got that bra fit like a glove, it hugged where it needed to hug and nothing was bulging, everything was seamless and it was so comfortable. I never wanted to take that thing off. Unfortunately , I wore it so much that it eventually started to fall apart - it lasted for a good year though.. and I wore that thing almost every day. The label started to wear off , and I could no longer read the style/size number of that particular plus size bra. Times were hard, I was constantly buying bras. I never found a really great match until I came across the plus size website of "hips and curves" I love their selection of styles. I think that I may have also found another perfect plus size bra . It is shown below and it is called the " smoothing seamless moulded bra" this beautiful plus size bra is shown in chocolate brown. I love this plus size bra. It is amazing, I sleep in it, I wear it day after day . I swim in it sometimes !! I just adore it. It is one of the most comfortable plus size bras that I have found in years. I have not tried all the plus size bras in the plus size lingerie collection from hips and curves. They have a large selection and you are sure to find something that fits you like a glove too. The soft cup bra in red with embroidery also looks like a really great fitting and comfortable plus size bra. My suggestion is to check out their selection , or follow the links to the website and find your size . You are sure to fall in love with a piece of plus size lingerie at hips and curves , it doesn't matter if your style is subtle, classic, chic, or daring you are going to find something here.

Peek-A-Boo Leather Bra

Vinyl Lace Up Bra

Leather and Lace Bra

Daisy Lace Four Way Bra

Fabulous Four Way Bra

Animal Print Bra w/ Black Lace Trim

Smooth and Sultry Underwire Bra

The Brazen Black Corset

Zebra Print Satin Baby Doll

Reversible Zebra Satin Bustier

All Over Lace Underwire Bra

Ruffle Cup & Rhinestone Bra

Soft Cup Bra with Contrast Embroide

Smoothing Seamless Moulded Bra

Tonal Lace Full Cup Bra

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Monday, July 27, 2009

FOX's New Show - More To Love

Fox's New Dating Show Titled "More to Love" is scheduled to premier on July 28th 9/8 Central.
The show features Luke Conley, a 26-year-old man who works as a subcontractor and real estate investor. Luke , who weighs in at over 300 lbs himself will have 20 plus size women competing for a chance at love. The women range from a college student, to a teacher, to a fitness instructor to a rocket scientist. The show will be hosted by beautiful plus size model Emme Aronson.

This show about plus size dating is already stirring up controversy. While some commend the show on promoting self acceptance , size acceptance and breaking out of the stereotypical dating shows. Others are critical of the show and say that being a plus size is not healthy and that the show may have some believing that being size 18 or 22 is acceptable as healthy when they believe it is not.

I personally think that the show is a great idea and while being a size 22 may or may not be healthy , it is definitely time to start accepting people of larger proportions as part of the human race rather than alienating plus size people. The truth is that plus size men and women to need love too. Believe it or not plus size people to find love , do fall and love and are capable of being in supporting and loving long term relationships just like their smaller counterparts. So why not have a show about plus size people dating and falling in love.

Here is what Luke had to say in a recent interview with "Dish of Salt"

DOS: Tell us about yourself.
LUKE: I'm 26 years old I'm from the Bay area, California. Right now I live in Santa Barbara county because I was going to school there. I ended up buying some property and starting a business. I'm a subcontractor. So I do like interior finishes, remodels that type of thing. I'm the outdoorsman type. I love to do anything at the beach. I love to take my puppies for runs. I played college football. I've traveled around the world. So, I really feel like that I'm ready to settle down.

DOS: What was your first thought when heard the title of the show?
LUKE: I thought it might have been a joke.

DOS: And what did you find out?
LUKE: I found out that it was a serious show. They're really hoping that two people could fall in love.

DOS - Were you concerned at all it was going to be cruel?
LUKE: Initially I was. I think maybe calling it "More To Love" is a bit of a cliché but at the same time I think people are ready for something like this. I think people want to see normal people that like eating cheeseburgers and ice cream, that they fall in love too. Everybody has insecurities. Everybody you know has those things about their body that they don't like but I think that the the idea of this show is that 'hey lets move past that.' Who you are is not what your body looks like. Who you are is your experiences. What's on your heart, your goals, your dreams your passions.

DOS: There is no twist coming in where they are going to have all these plus sized women and then all of a sudden they are going to bring in any skinny bitches?
LUKE: I hope their aren't any twists because I have been enjoying it so far. The girls are amazing. I'm really attracted to all of them and I'm just ready to go forward with the way it is.

DOS: How did you actually find out about the show?
LUKE: I was on Craigslist. I felt like perusing and click on the TV/Film ad. It said they're looking for a brawny man that can handle curvy, voluptuous women. I shot em a quick funny email. Threw in a couple of photos and they got back to me the next day.

DOS: Tell me what is Luke's type?
LUKE: Luke's type is a woman that definitely is confident. I definitely have always been attracted to a woman that you know is voluptuous and curvy. I always like to say if she has got a big behind she is a friend of mine!

DOS: So are you looking for a wife or are you looking for a relationship? What do you hope to do? LUKE: My ultimate goal is to find a wife, a woman that I can connect with on a deep level that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can spend the rest of my life with her.

DOS: In the end are you going to get down on one knee?
LUKE: If I feel that deep connection I would have no qualms about getting engaged to a woman on the show.

Luke Conley seems sincere in the fact that finding love is his only goal and that the producers are sincere in their approach.

Well , rock on plus size romantics .. This plus size dating reality show is sure to be a hit and it doesn't matter if society is ready for it or not!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Plus Size Retail Article- Disturbing

I was reading an article today about plus size fashion and while the article had some great points about plus size trends it mentioned something that I totally do not agree with , nor do I think other plus size women would be happy about. It said -

"Women who wear sizes 14 and up are more likely to shop at mass merchants for clothes. Generally, they do not find as much pleasure in shopping for fashion as their size 2 friends do because they feel that their choices are more limited and are not confident in selecting fashion that works for their size."

What ?? Huh , NO ! I do not believe this for a second , I personally find great pleasure in shopping and trying on fashionable outfits, I like to look good, I like to be trendy and I find tremendous joy in trying on different looks and finding fashionable styles in my size. Furthermore, I beleive that most plus size women and any woman in general likes to play dress up and try on clothes. I beleive that the only reason we are more likely to shop at "mass merchants" is because that is what is available to us 90% of the time. Face it , there are not a lot of cute little stores with discount racks full of plus size clothes. There should be though.. Especially since 1 third of women in North America wear a size 14 or larger. Unless you happen to live in a town that offers alot of choices for plus size then you are pretty much out of luck , you are stuck shopping at the "larger mass merchant plus size chains" or you can turn to shopping for plus size clothes on the internet like I do . You really have to know your size , your measurements and the cuts and materials that look and fit best for your body style if you are shopping for plus size clothes on the internet. However it can be done .. and it is fun !
If more designers would put out plus size lines and more entrepenuers would step up to the plate and open cute boutiques or discount stores for plus sizes , then they would see what fashionista's we plus size galz really are.
We are loyal shoppers and if we find what we like , in our size, and at the right price .. we will keep coming back for more.

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Plus Size Cover Ups

Attention Ladies , Super Cute Plus size cover ups and swimwear alert.
This season I have seen some amazingly well designed and very flattering swim suits and adorable cover ups. The key this season is Color and Detailing, Try to find plus size swim suits with bold contrasting colors and quality detailing like rouching and embroidery or a faux wrap tankini top which is also very flattering to us plus size ladies and does wonders for the waste line. The point is plus size swimwear does not have to be boring or ugly. Plus size swimwear this season has the potential to be sexy , fun and flirty.

This sassy plus size cover up shown below can be worn as a beach cover-up or it can be paired up with a pair of leggings and heels for a night on the town !

$20 OFF - NOW $49Women's Plus Size Cover Ups - Modern Print Scoop Neck Dress - Style #19665X - Sizes 1X-3X - JUST ARRIVED

Did I mention that you can get $20 off this one right now !
$20 OFF - NOW $49Women's Plus Size Cover Ups -  Modern Print Scoop Neck Dress - Style #19665X - Sizes 1X-3X - JUST ARRIVED

BELOW - As seen on Great Day Houston with plus size style expert Michele Westin. The versatility of this beautiful plus size gauze jacket will have you reaching for it again and again. This plus size gauze cover up is comfortable and stylish. The 3/4 sleeves and embroidered detail will give any swimsuit a casual but elegant look and feel. The v-neck design elongates your face for a slimming look. The front has two buttons that you could open to take this cover up on and off or you can pull it over your head. Below the two buttons is an open slit. The embroidered detail is along the v-neck, at the waist, at the front bottom seam and around sleeves. The gauze material is very thin and adds a flowing effect. This great, stylish plus size cover up is perfect for over your favorite swimsuit OR you can wear it over one of your cami sets, your favorite tank top, with pants or leggings

As Seen on Great Day Houston - Women's Plus Size - Gauze 3/4 Sleeve Cover Up - Sizes 1X-3X - Style #3243 - JUST ARRIVED

As Seen on Great Day Houston - Women's Plus Size - Gauze 3/4 Sleeve Cover Up - Sizes 1X-3X - Style #3243 - JUST ARRIVED

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Plus SIze Fashion SWAK

Some Trendy Plus Size Styles from SWAK Designs - Sealed With A Kiss

Handkercheif Hem Plus Size Skirt

Plus Size Sexy Fancy Spaghetti Strap V-Neck Dress

Plus Size Sexy Elegant Halter Style Dress

Plus Size Print Smock Strapless Dress

Plus Size Sheer Chiffon V-Neck Tunic Top

Plus Size Capri Bottoms / Gaucho Pants

Plus Size Long Flowing Boho Skirt


Plus Size Tiered Peasant Boho Skirt

Plus size A-line Kimono Sleeve Dress

Plus Size Exotic Embroidered Pucci Print Top

Green Camo Tiered Peasant/Boho Skirt Plus Size XL/1X

Plus Size Soft V-Neck Wrap Style Viscose Dress

Plus Size Tiered Dip Dyed Peasant Boho Skirt

Plus Size V-Neck Wrap Dress

Plus Size Body Shapers - Plus Size Spanx

A Great selection of plus size body shapers , leg shapers, tummy shapers.

Womens Plus Sizes Higher Power by SPANX

Womens Plus Sizes Footless Medium Control by SPANX

Womens Plus Sizes All The Way by SPANX

Womens Plus Sizes Control Top Fishnets by SPANX

Womens Plus Sizes Marry Me Footless by SPANX

Womens Plus Sizes Power Panties by SPANX

Womens Plus Sizes Reversible Tight-End Tights by SPANX

Womens Plus Sizes Hide & Sleek Camisole by SPANX

Womens Plus Sizes Hide & Sleek Hi-Rise Body Smoother by SPANX

Womens Plus Sizes Hide & Sleek Hi-Rise Panty by SPANX

Womens Plus Sizes Topless Trouser Socks by SPANX