Saturday, July 4, 2009

I Love Monif C PLus SIze

I am now officially a fan of Monif C Plus Dresses !
I found the Monif C Plus Size Dress collection on - (I will be posting more later about cherished woman plus size)
I did some more research and ended up checking out the whole collection at . These are some amazingly fashionable and stylish plus size dresses. They have great color, great cuts , and one of the aspects that I like most about the Monif C Dresses is that they are shown on realistic plus size models. I cant wait to see whats coming out next from Monif C , I would really like to see some more plus size peices such as plus size tops or plus size jeans etc. But for now , I am tickled with the plus size dress collection. Monif C has a couple of amazing plus size convertible dresses which can be tied in 22 ways for 22 different looks. Their is a plus size long convertible dress and then there is a shorter version of the plus size convertible dress. Both are amazing and come in different colors. A totally great plus size find !

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