Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Plus Sized Fashion

If you are looking for information on plus size fashion, plus size styles, plus size wholesale, and everything to do with plus size clothing you have come to the right place. I myself had become fed up with the boring plus size fashion that was selling at the local department stores. Who wears that stuff anyways ! I may be plus size , but I still have style ! I find that for retail plus size clothing there are different categories. There are stores with high quality plus size clothing, these are usually little boutiques and the prices can be high but the quality and style is usually very trendy and rich. Then there are the big box plus size retailers such as Penningtons Superstore, Additionelle, Lane Bryant, The Avenue, etc. They have a fairly good selection of pluz size clothing and their prices range from Moderate to High. Sometimes you can get decent prices on their plus sizes when they have a clearance or end of season sale, however I find their quality and style to be a little on the plain style. I personally love the line of clothing at Sizeappeal and Igigi and Bandlu and I really like some of the stuff that Kiyonna Klothing has as well , although Kiyonna's Prices are a bit too high for me. I am defintely a bargain shopper! Also Kiyonna is featured in many plus size boutiques in Canada as well as the United States. Finally we have the big department stores such as Sears, WalMart , Zellers, The Bay and Target who all have plus size sections. I hate shopping for plus size clothing at department stores. They are generally unorganized not sized or priced correctly and usually a big mess. Although I have been known to find a bargain or two on clearance racks. You have to shop around and find the best deals and sometimes when you try something on and it just fits and it looks so good and it feels good, you just have to suck it up and ignore that high price tag. It is a good investment to have some nice quality peices in your plus size wardrobe, so dont feel guilty when you spend 100 dollars and up on a nice tweed jacket , a fitted suit, or the perfect dress!


  1. Nice information on plus size fashion!! Lane Bryant is my favorite store for plus size dresses and accessories!!

  2. I completely agree! The department stores fail to merchandise plus-sizes well (.."a big mess") and then pull this catagory off of the floor rather than fix it, blaming us the consumer for not shopping and showing them the revenue to continue. And you definitely have to sometimes surcome to higher prices to get a plus-size item that fits well. The old adage is sometimes right, u do get what u pay for. Plus-size companies that are getting it right put a lot of hours and effort in providing exceptional clothing to the consumer. As a plus-size designer (, I know that my clothes help me feel pretty and confident so I love when I find the perfect piece or design it. Plus not only does it have to fit well, it also has to be comfortable because no matter how good I look, if i don't feel comfortable in it, then my confidence will get lost in translation. When I find an item that is stylish, fits well, comfortable, and in MY SIZE, snatching it up is a must!

  3. Thanks for your ideas on plus size clothing for women. A plus size women should be fashionable just like any body else.