Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More on Plus Sized Leggings .. YEAH

Well , I guess that since I am on the topic of plus size leggings I might as well bring you some more sources for where to get plus size leggings. I really like these plus size leggings from Alight.Olive These Leggings
Get lacy in this plus sized stretch legging with stretch lace edge. Perfect under a tunic or dress. Amazing fit, these leggings fit like tights. Very comfortable.
Olive These Leggings
There is no model , modelling these plus size leggings, so you just have to picture yourself wearing these . .. Maybe pairing the olive plus size leggings with a pair of black heels or sandals, and a black dress with some plus size accessories like jewelry , scarf etc. An olive colored headband would complete the outfit ! Olive These Leggings


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