Monday, July 27, 2009

FOX's New Show - More To Love

Fox's New Dating Show Titled "More to Love" is scheduled to premier on July 28th 9/8 Central.
The show features Luke Conley, a 26-year-old man who works as a subcontractor and real estate investor. Luke , who weighs in at over 300 lbs himself will have 20 plus size women competing for a chance at love. The women range from a college student, to a teacher, to a fitness instructor to a rocket scientist. The show will be hosted by beautiful plus size model Emme Aronson.

This show about plus size dating is already stirring up controversy. While some commend the show on promoting self acceptance , size acceptance and breaking out of the stereotypical dating shows. Others are critical of the show and say that being a plus size is not healthy and that the show may have some believing that being size 18 or 22 is acceptable as healthy when they believe it is not.

I personally think that the show is a great idea and while being a size 22 may or may not be healthy , it is definitely time to start accepting people of larger proportions as part of the human race rather than alienating plus size people. The truth is that plus size men and women to need love too. Believe it or not plus size people to find love , do fall and love and are capable of being in supporting and loving long term relationships just like their smaller counterparts. So why not have a show about plus size people dating and falling in love.

Here is what Luke had to say in a recent interview with "Dish of Salt"

DOS: Tell us about yourself.
LUKE: I'm 26 years old I'm from the Bay area, California. Right now I live in Santa Barbara county because I was going to school there. I ended up buying some property and starting a business. I'm a subcontractor. So I do like interior finishes, remodels that type of thing. I'm the outdoorsman type. I love to do anything at the beach. I love to take my puppies for runs. I played college football. I've traveled around the world. So, I really feel like that I'm ready to settle down.

DOS: What was your first thought when heard the title of the show?
LUKE: I thought it might have been a joke.

DOS: And what did you find out?
LUKE: I found out that it was a serious show. They're really hoping that two people could fall in love.

DOS - Were you concerned at all it was going to be cruel?
LUKE: Initially I was. I think maybe calling it "More To Love" is a bit of a cliché but at the same time I think people are ready for something like this. I think people want to see normal people that like eating cheeseburgers and ice cream, that they fall in love too. Everybody has insecurities. Everybody you know has those things about their body that they don't like but I think that the the idea of this show is that 'hey lets move past that.' Who you are is not what your body looks like. Who you are is your experiences. What's on your heart, your goals, your dreams your passions.

DOS: There is no twist coming in where they are going to have all these plus sized women and then all of a sudden they are going to bring in any skinny bitches?
LUKE: I hope their aren't any twists because I have been enjoying it so far. The girls are amazing. I'm really attracted to all of them and I'm just ready to go forward with the way it is.

DOS: How did you actually find out about the show?
LUKE: I was on Craigslist. I felt like perusing and click on the TV/Film ad. It said they're looking for a brawny man that can handle curvy, voluptuous women. I shot em a quick funny email. Threw in a couple of photos and they got back to me the next day.

DOS: Tell me what is Luke's type?
LUKE: Luke's type is a woman that definitely is confident. I definitely have always been attracted to a woman that you know is voluptuous and curvy. I always like to say if she has got a big behind she is a friend of mine!

DOS: So are you looking for a wife or are you looking for a relationship? What do you hope to do? LUKE: My ultimate goal is to find a wife, a woman that I can connect with on a deep level that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can spend the rest of my life with her.

DOS: In the end are you going to get down on one knee?
LUKE: If I feel that deep connection I would have no qualms about getting engaged to a woman on the show.

Luke Conley seems sincere in the fact that finding love is his only goal and that the producers are sincere in their approach.

Well , rock on plus size romantics .. This plus size dating reality show is sure to be a hit and it doesn't matter if society is ready for it or not!

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