Thursday, July 23, 2009

Plus Size Retail Article- Disturbing

I was reading an article today about plus size fashion and while the article had some great points about plus size trends it mentioned something that I totally do not agree with , nor do I think other plus size women would be happy about. It said -

"Women who wear sizes 14 and up are more likely to shop at mass merchants for clothes. Generally, they do not find as much pleasure in shopping for fashion as their size 2 friends do because they feel that their choices are more limited and are not confident in selecting fashion that works for their size."

What ?? Huh , NO ! I do not believe this for a second , I personally find great pleasure in shopping and trying on fashionable outfits, I like to look good, I like to be trendy and I find tremendous joy in trying on different looks and finding fashionable styles in my size. Furthermore, I beleive that most plus size women and any woman in general likes to play dress up and try on clothes. I beleive that the only reason we are more likely to shop at "mass merchants" is because that is what is available to us 90% of the time. Face it , there are not a lot of cute little stores with discount racks full of plus size clothes. There should be though.. Especially since 1 third of women in North America wear a size 14 or larger. Unless you happen to live in a town that offers alot of choices for plus size then you are pretty much out of luck , you are stuck shopping at the "larger mass merchant plus size chains" or you can turn to shopping for plus size clothes on the internet like I do . You really have to know your size , your measurements and the cuts and materials that look and fit best for your body style if you are shopping for plus size clothes on the internet. However it can be done .. and it is fun !
If more designers would put out plus size lines and more entrepenuers would step up to the plate and open cute boutiques or discount stores for plus sizes , then they would see what fashionista's we plus size galz really are.
We are loyal shoppers and if we find what we like , in our size, and at the right price .. we will keep coming back for more.

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  1. I agree with you...I love to try on clothes, and I want fashionable ones! Woman of every size are shopping mass market right now because of the economy...we can't afford to shop anywhere else until we have jobs again. That's what is hurting the designer and boutique industries...not so called "self-esteem issues". There are some thin women who hate trying on clothes because for some reason they don't like the way they look. I think whoever wrote the article needs to do more research!

  2. I agree Writer Marie - It was a stereotypical view of plus size women. Thanks for the comment