Thursday, July 9, 2009

Plus Size Consumer Interview

Many plus size retailers or plus size wholesale buyers want to know the answer to this question - What do consumers look for and want to buy in plus size fashion?
I have interviewed 10 plus size women and below I have provided their responses.

What do you look for in Plus Sized Clothing ?

- Modern Styles, Especially long cuts in tops. Basic colors with simple or no patterns. Flowing Tops, Long tops, Not Sleeveless.

What Size do you wear ?

-The women interviewed ranged from size 18 - 26

What do you have a hard time finding at your current plus size retailer?

- Feminine blouses with peasant style or longer sleeves, Plus Size Leggings, Lace Bottom Leggings,

What is your favorite plus size retailer?

-Additionelle ,Fashion Bug, Wal Mart, Lane Bryant

How many times per year do you go shopping for new clothes ?

-The women answered that they shopped for plus size clothes between 5-12 times per year.

What types of items get you excited when you see them in plus size clothing ?

-Peasant style top , feminine flowing top, long sleeves, stretchy pants with no pockets, lace bottom leggings, Tailored Jackets, A-line Dresses, Wrap Dress, Faux Wrap Dresses Faux Wrap Tops

What price range do you look for ?

CasualPants Or Plus SIze Jeans under $40
Fancy Dress Pants or Jeans - under $60 Blouses
Casual Tops and Blouses - Under $25
Fancier blouses and Tops - Under $50
Dresses, Under $60
Fancier , Special Occasion Dress - Under $150

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