Monday, July 6, 2009

More Plus Size Leggings

Here I go with the leggings again .
I just love the plus size leggings this season. So I cant help it ok !
I am gonna get you addicted to plus size leggings too ! I am trying to find as many sources for plus size leggings as I possibly can.
I have found some great plus size leggings from JMS
They have black , grey, navy and chocolate plus size leggings.
They also have the capri plus size legging also called cropped plus size leggings. They also have the plus size crop leggings with the lace. (Lace Capri Plus size Leggings)
Just My Size Lace Trim Capri-

So again, if you are looking for tips on how to wear your plus size leggings and flatter or hide your tummy. Its really easy - just pair your plus leggings with a tunic that comes down past your hips , choose a plus size tunic or blouse that has an accent at the waist so it draws the attention to the smallest part of your body or you can add a wide belt and wear it right at your waist or just above waist is ok to.
Make sure you choose fabric that flows nicely away from the stomach area and doesn't cling - no spandex Add a pair of cute heels , don't be afraid of color ladies - black isn't always better and a pair of purple pumps
can really spice up that outfit! Last but not least .. Accessorize with jewelry and an adorable handbag.

Below are the links for the Plus Size Leggings . Thanks !

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