Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lets Talk About Plus Size Jeans !

A great-fitting pair of jeans is a fashion necessity for any modern Fashionista. However, finding the right pair of jeans that flatter and fit your body type can be a bit of a challenge. Since there are so many options you will run across in shopping for the perfect pair of jeans, Body types usually fall into three categories: Hourglass, Apple, and Pear. In this article, you will find an introduction to getting the perfect jean for a plus size figure, including what to look for, and what to avoid.

First, get familiar with "jeans lingo". This will make searching for the best fitting jeans much easier. Jeans are normally classified by five subcategories: rise, wash, inseam, whiskering, and cut. Rise, the measurement between the crotch of the jean and the waistband, is the first category you want to focus on. The rise of the jean is one of the most important parts of the jeans' fit, and will determine how the jean makes your waist look. As a full figured woman, you want to try to maintain an hourglass shape in your clothing; you always want to try to give the appearance of a well-defined waist, even if you do not have one. Therefore, stay away from ultra-low rise jeans. An ultra-low or low rise jean not only increases the chance of flesh peaking out of the top of the waistband, also called "muffin top", but it also increases the chance of your underwear peaking out as well. These are two major fashion faux pas, and both are unsightly. Also, make sure that the waistband of the jean is not cutting into your flesh. This will create annoying bulges in your overall bodyline. The waistband of the jean should fit comfortably, and if it is cutting into your skin, the jean is probably too small. Jeans with a rise that sits at the waist or just below the waist are very flattering to plus size figures, so look for mid or high-rise jeans.

Next, look at the wash of the jean. The wash is simply the color of the jean. Looking at a jeans' wash can be frustrating because, as you will see while you are shopping, there are many jean washes to choose from. Although finding the best, most flattering jean wash is a matter of opinion,
in general, darker washes are more flattering for plus size figures than lighter washes. Try to avoid jeans that are faded at the thigh or hip. This will give the appearance of a bulkier upper leg, and that is not what you want.

After finding the wash that you like, it is important to choose the right inseam. The inseam of jean is the measurement down the inside seam of the jean, from crotch to hem. For Plus size ladies the hem of your jean should hit the bottom of the heel of your shoe, so length is very important.

Whiskering is a design technique that gives jeans that worn-in appearance. Remember that your plus size jeans should create a slimming effect, so whiskering that draws the eye outward is a problem. This will make you appear wider.

Lastly, you want to inspect the cut of the jean. This is probably the most important part of your jean search. The cut of the jean will tell you how the jeans will fit your legs. For fuller figures, fitted jeans are more flattering, but be careful here. Try to avoid tapered jeans, jeans with a relaxed thigh that narrow at the ankles. Tapered jeans are made to enhance curves, so for fuller figures, there will be a widening effect. Also, stay away from baggy style; they will just make you look bigger. Jeans with straight, boot cut, or flared legs are the most flattering for plus size women.
Seven has some nice plus size jeans

Seven Plus Size Jeans are made for us girls with a little more to offer in the hip and thigh area, and seven is a very popular brand which is a plus for them in my book.

Finding name brand clothing is not easy for us plus size girls, so being able to purchase Seven Plus Size Jeans with there many designs and styles gives them a nice competetive edge.

Seven Plus Size Jeans offered in boot cut, flare leg,capri and many other different styles makes a plus size girl like me super happy.

You can also find other brands of plus size jeans, just make sure to follow the tips above to find the right fit for your plus size jeans.

Casual Pear Fit Premium Jean

Casual Pear Fit Premium Jean

Above is an example if a casual but stylish plus size jean that Alight has to offer, it has a flattering fit for plus size women its reasonably priced.

Below is an example of another pair of flattering plus size jeans, Rock the latest style jean in this dark denim 5 pocket skinny leg jean. Back pockets and change pocket have white felt design printed on them. Stretch.

Skinny Leg Jean


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