Monday, June 22, 2009

Plus Size Trends

Plus Size Looks for Spring & Summer 2009
The Spring and Summer 2009 season fashions are hitting the racks and online showrooms already. The trends of this season transcend size, as with every season before and in the future. However, for plus size fashion, the application of these trends is crucial to make the best of full-figures. Seven dominating themes translated well over to plus sized fashion for Spring/Summer 2009 are: 1) Floral prints; both large and small; 2) Graphic/Optical Art prints; 3) Fabric manipulation; pleating, shirring, gathering, ruffles, chunky fringing, braiding, etc; 4) Purity; light solid colors or just pure white; 5) Contrast; 6) Slinky silhouette; 7) Empire waist; Grecian influence.
Remember to look for cuts that flatter your womanly figure with Spring's best trends, including A-line skirts, florals and layered tops. There's really nothing you can't wear, as long as you remember basic rules of proportion and focus more on what looks great on you, than simply what's trendy.

You may have noticed that throughout the years, plus-size clothing has become more readily available. Anyone shopping these days will notice that more stores cater to plus-size women such as Pennington's, Kiyonna, Hips and Curves and Addition Elle.

Only 5 per cent of stores cater to plus-size shopper within the retail market. As the demand for larger clothing increases, the number of retails will need to increase to meet consumers’ needs. Retailers are beginning to realize that just because a woman or man is larger doesn’t mean they doesn’t want to wear fashionable clothing. So until then we will continue helping you find the best plus size stores that has the plus size clothing that you are looking for and deserve.

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