Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Plus size fashion tips

Simple Rules For Full-Figured Women
For women who are full-figured throughout, these simple rules apply:

Choose outfits in monochromatic themes this creates a slimming effect.
Mix and match bold colors with darker separates.
Choose fabrics that drape over your curves. Clothing with too much spandex will cinch your body too tight and instead of creating a smooth, streamlined effect, you will end up with bulges.

Ladies, ladies, ladies ! Now don't fall too deep into the "slimming" trap. All too often, people will direct you to fashionable pieces that have a "slimming effect."

But who says we want to hide our curves? Being full-figured and curvy with a fabulous, womanly shape is wonderful you should flaunt it!

Instead of looking for clothing that makes you look slimmer, look for pieces that really make the most of your curves in the most flattering light. You want to look smooth and streamlined, which doesn't always equal slim.

Looking this good and voluptuous can only give you most confidence and increase your overall stylish appeal!

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  1. plus size ladies rule! Skinny chics are for gay fashion designers.